About Us

Our Approach to IT Service is Client-centric

Combining over 20 years of experience, expertise, ambitious aspiration, and carefully planned strategies, we were born to serve the ever expanding corporate world. With services like website design and development, graphics design, content writing, virtual assistance, and more. We strive to work for clients belonging to businesses of every type, size & industry. Adventurous entrepreneurs who are passionately focused, and don’t accept following outdated technologies, need a digital marketing company they can grow with and trust. With P. Cube Digital, LLC in your corner, you can unveil your companies talents and potential to the fullest. Let us help you reach your goals as we dedicate ourselves to you and your business.

Our mission is to be the highest quality digital marketing resource at the lowest price point possible. We aim to provide these high-quality solutions to our clients through focused continuous improvement and continuing education practices for our entire team. Our teams leverage agile project management processes and service delivery so we can support evergrowing client demands. The bottom line is that we will not stop working for you as we diligently work to bring your thoughts and ideas to reality.

To complete our mission, we focus on:

  • Fully understanding our customer’s vision
  • Cutting-edge digital service technology
  • Doing more with less
  • Steadfast innovation
  • Steady focus on our clients needs
  • Embracing challenges alongside our customers
  • Striving for cost-efficiencient service
  • Turning diversity into strength

Our Awesome Team

William L. Harrison

Business Director & Co-Founder

Priteka Baroi

Co-Founder & Photographer

Paul Baroi

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Saif Mazid

Graphics Designer

Sajib Mallick

SEO Expert

Aaron Halder

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Hasan Ahmed

Jr. SEO Expert

Huzaifa Reyon

Video Editor, Animator

Rakib Bashar Khan

HR Admin

Saqueb Sartaz Khan

Content Writer

Shuvo Baroi

Office Assistant

Our Values

Provide trustworthy services

P. Cube Digital, LLC is a partner you can trust. For us to achieve the status of claiming we are “your trusted digital partner,” we must perform our daily activities in a good and trustworthy fashion. We believe that growing our business can only happen if we work hard to demonstrate our trustworthy services and good values.

Pursue partnerships that last

P. Cube Digital, LLC wants to be your digital partner now and for years to come. Through effective collaboration with our customers and a strong sense of care, we aim to prove our loyalty and partnership through great results.

Promote quality digital results

Building a digital footprint for our clients means helping them generate high quality tools that provide a successful marketing imprint and a sense of trust to their customers. Quality must be at the core of our services in order to achieve great results for you and we are dedicated to making things great!

Propagate strong team spirit

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan.

At P. Cube Digital, LLC, we work hard to encourage teamwork and teambuilding. Together we know we can help our clients succeed and we can do this with the best results possible if we work together.

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

Personify growth and goodness

We consider self-improvement as a key to the future. To create an unrivaled environment for our clients, we focus on improving each employee’s individual ability to perform their job better. We encourage personal growth and education so that everyone in our organization benefits, this includes our clients.

Procure cutting edge technologies

We want to be the best we can be for our customers. Through constant attention to the world technology market, P. Cube Digital, LLC will work hard to be at the forefront of leading technologies so we can help our customers grow by staying current on technological trends.