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Basic Differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Written by on 2023-07-25T07:56:47.736290+00:00


Whenever general people try to define Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning, they usually end up giving them the same definition. Especially in practice, both are used interchangeably, as both usually mean supervised learning. But in theory, they both are two different terms in various cases…

Success from the Startup with a Superb Team

Written by on 2023-07-25T07:57:29.923518+00:00


Halford E. Luccock once said: “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” If you want to be successful in your business, you must need a team. But does that mean you hire ten people …

Top In-Demand Tech Skills You Should Know in 2021

Written by on 2023-07-25T07:58:45.692918+00:00


All bows to the worldwide pandemic COVID-19 and the pace of the busy-buzzing life got slower, but not for the IT population. Most of us still work from home. As the calendar turns to 2021, there are five very important tech topics that we should definitely consider adding to the skillset or brushi…